Prometheus: Brain not required

[I’m leaving this posted as a reminder to myself and any self-respecting SF (or any) writer that simply having a bunch of “cool” and “awesome” scenes does not make a worth-while STORY, just a spectacle (and a bunch of ruptured synapses in your head). Ouch.]

No use here for me to restate what many others have said about this magnificently insulting movie. (Magnificent as spectacle. Insulting to storytellers and story-listeners everywhere.)

For two spot-on analyses, I point with a finger on each hand to the following:

Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terrible Minds

…in which he illustrates how¬†Prometheus‘ script is a classic lesson in why a Plot without Character is like a balloon without air, let alone helium.

Also, there’s a huge and entertaining discussion about the film’s lack of logic, scientific and otherwise, at:

Enchanted Mitten (by md’a)

All I can add is, if you see Damon Lindelof’s name in the credits anywhere, and if you also enjoy seeing a story’s heroes and villains make unbelievably illogical and brainless choices every seven minutes, by all means, go see it immediately.