Letters from Dad: Melissa

In the summer of 1992, my daughter Melissa had just graduated from high school and began working and playing at the Aspen Music festival, before her bassoon studies at Manhattan School of Music would begin in the fall. Dad (that’s me) is compelled to send her a few letters. You know, a little fatherly advice. Not that she really needed any. Here’s the first one (only very slightly edited from the original 20-year-old keystrokes)…

Dear Melissa,

Last Saturday we visited a new warehouse-size bookstore in Stamford and spent nearly $200. We also bought some books.

I saw there a number of mini-books offering advice to people. We sent you one even. But frankly, I don’t think there’s anyone in a better position to give you advice than me. Sitting down is always a great position from which to give advice.

So here’s the start of a long list of things I think you need to keep in mind as you move forward in LIFE. Continue reading “Letters from Dad: Melissa”